The Sparks Republican Women BYLAWS were revised 7/18/2016

Sparks Republican Women Bylaws


The name of this organization shall be Sparks Republican Women – hereinafter referred to as SRW.  SRW is affiliated with the Nevada Federation of Republican Women (NvFRW) and the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW).


The objectives of SRW shall be to:

  1. Promote an informed public through political education and activity.
  2. Increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government, through political participation.
  3. Support the objectives and policies of the Nevada Federation of Republican Women and the National Federation of Republican Women.
  4. Work for the election of Republican nominees.
  5. Be loyal to the Republican Party and to promote its principles.
  6. Encourage and support Republican women to run for elective office.
  7. Select topics, which interest the club and focus on new legislation in order to interact with our elected officials within the State and Nation.


Section 1.  The club shall follow a policy of non-endorsement in primary campaigns, or of presidential or vice-presidential candidates prior to the Republican National Convention.

Section 2.  An elective officer shall not pre-endorse a candidate in a primary campaign or endorse a presidential or vice-presidential candidate prior to the Republican Convention.

Section 3.  Any member who publicly supports a candidate of an opposition party in a campaign, for which a Republican is also a candidate, may be removed from membership.


Section 1.  Full Membership

  1. Any registered Republican woman shall be eligible for full membership in SRW upon payment of the annual dues; submission of a membership applications and approval of the Executive Committee.
  2. A member is considered in good standing if she supports the objectives and policies of SRW, membership dues are current, and there are no outstanding obligations for costs incurred by SRW on her behalf.
  3. Only full members shall be counted in establishing delegate representation and in per capita reports. An individual may join only one club as a full member but may join any number of clubs as an associate member. Full members may make motions, have a voice vote, chair a standing committee, hold office or be elected as a delegate.

Section 2.  Associate Membership – Any registered Republican man or woman may be eligible for associate membership upon payment of the required annual dues. ; submission of a membership applications and approval of the Executive Committee  Such members may attend meetings but cannot:

  1. Make a motion,
  2. Have a voice vote,
  3. Chair a standing committee or
  4. Hold office or be elected as a delegate.

Section 3.  Honorary membership may be granted to an individual by the board of directors on an annual basis.

Section 3.

A Member’s Letter of Resignation should be addressed to the Membership Committee Chairman.  Such resignation will be accepted by the Executive Committee .


Section 1. Officers:

The elective officers of SRW shall be a President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Recording Secretary and Treasurer. The appointed officers shall be Chaplain, Historian, Parliamentarian, and Arrangements Coordinator.

Section 2. Eligibility:

To be eligible as an officer, a candidate must be a full member in good standing.

Section 3. Election:

Officers shall be elected at the November meeting and installed at the December meeting each year for a term of one (1) year. Elected officers shall assume their duties on the first day of the fiscal year following the annual election regardless of when installation occurs.

Section 4. Vacancy:

  1. An officer who has served for seven (7) months shall be considered to have served a full term in that office.
  2. A vacancy in the office of Presidency shall be filled by the first Vice President. All other vacancies in the elective offices shall be filled by the Board of Directors at the next meeting following the vacancy and;
  3. Temporary vacancies, due to leave of absence, shall be filled by appointment by the President.

Section 5.  Removal from Office:  The Board of Directors may remove an office holder that has not met the duties prescribed with a 2/3 majority vote.

Section 6.  Duties of the Officers:

Duties of the President:

  1. Preside at all meetings of the organization, the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.
  2. Represent SRW, or appoint a representative to NvFRW and NFRW functions, except when an elected delegate is required;
  3. Appoint all standing committee chairmen, except the nominating committee, with the approval of the Executive Committee;
  4. Appoint all special committees;
  5. Appoint a Parliamentarian, Chaplain, and Historian;
  6. Be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating committee;
  7. Appoint an Auditing committee in November to audit the Treasurer’s accounts and report to the Board by the February meeting;
  8. Review the newsletter before publication;
  9. After consultation with the committee chairs, prepare an annual action plan for approval by the Board of Directors to set the direction for the SRW for the upcoming year; and
  10. Maintain authorization to co-sign checks.
  11. Duties of the First Vice President (Program Chairman):
  12. Perform the duties of the President in her absence;
  13. Oversee monthly programs and other committees as outlined in the Standing Rules;
  14. Assume the office of President if it becomes vacant; and
  15. Perform other duties assigned by the President.

Duties of the Second Vice President (Membership Chairman):

  1. Serve as Membership Chairman;
  2. Be responsible for membership promotion and growth;
  3. Keep a current accurate roster of membership;
  4. Notify members when annual membership is due and when dues are delinquent; and
  5. Perform other duties assigned by the President.

Duties of the Recording Secretary:

  1. Keep the minutes of all meetings, Executive committee meetings, and the Board of Directors meetings;
  2. Keep a current inventory and location of SRW property;
  3. Keep a record of attendance at all meetings;
  4. Notify all Board members of meetings;
  5. Submit complete minutes to the President within seven (7) days of the Meeting;
  6. Perform other duties assigned by the President;
  7. Maintain authorization to co-sign checks; and
  8. Act as custodian of all records.

Duties of the Treasurer:

  1. Custodian of all funds of this club;
  2. Disburse funds as directed by the Board of Directors;
  3. For disbursement of funds in excess of $300.00, have checks co-signed by two (2) of three (3) authorized signatories of the following: President, Treasurer, and Recording Secretary;
  4. Submit the books for an annual audit;
  5. Provide a written financial report at all meetings;
  6. Comply with Article XI: Dues: Sections 4, 5 and 6;
  7. Be an ex-officio member of the Budget and Finance committee;
  8. Perform other duties assigned by the President.
  9. Give a list of members who have paid their dues to the Vice-President (Membership), Recording Secretary, President and Telephone chairman; and
  10. File any tax documents as required.
  11. Be approved for bonding when feasible. The club shall pay any bonding necessary fees.

Section 7.  All officers and all committee chairs and vice-chairs shall deliver all records, files and properties of the local club to their successors within one week after retiring from office upon election of new officers.  Current officers will immediately meet with incoming officers and arrange an easy transition.


Section 1.

The standing committees of SRW shall be include the following: Budget, Bylaws Committee, Campaign Committee, Fund Raising Committee, Legislation and Research Committee, Membership Committee, Program Committee, Public Relations Committee.  The term of office shall be at the pleasure of the President.

  1. Budget Committee: The Chairman shall be responsible for preparing an annual budget to be presented to the Board and the membership by the February Board meeting for approval.  The Treasurer will have the budget available at meetings with the other Financial Statements.  The Budget Chair will speak to any issues regarding approved budget expenditures.
  2. Bylaws Committee: SRW shall furnish the NvFRW Bylaws Committee with a complete set of its Bylaws for review in January of each year.  Any subsequent revision of a club’s Bylaws shall be sent to the Bylaws Committee for review.
  3. Campaign Committee: The Campaign Activity Chairman should be able to provide information about Republican candidates at all levels for the club members and the community.  This includes being the source of information on candidates, i.e., name of campaign manager, phone number, upcoming event schedule, etc.  She should have any available printed materials on candidates at meetings.
  4. Fundraising Committee: Although there are yearly dues, they are usually insufficient to meet normal operating expenses.  Membership dues must be kept at a minimum so as not to prohibit any one person from participating.  The Fundraising Chairman should be someone who is capable of drafting budgets, tracking donations, and planning new programs designed to generate revenue. The Fundraising Chairman is to organize a Fundraising committee to oversee the fundraising for SRW.  Each committee member should know why the club is raising money and be able to explain their goals in concise terms to prospective donors.
  5. Legislation and Research Committee: Will research specific issues or bills pending before the Legislature in order to influence policy.
  6. Membership Committee: Membership is an ongoing program that requires the participation of every member of SRW.  An energetic Membership Committee is needed and everyone must be alert to that potential new member.  Effective membership recruitment is essentially a sales job.  The Committee will maintain a phone tree and phone tree volunteers to notify members of events or issues as needed.
  7. Program Committee: The First Vice President serves as Chairman. The committee will determine program content and arrange for speakers for each meeting.  Every program and project should give each person something political to take with them from the meeting or event.  Each activity should relate to the objectives and purposes of SRW, NvFRW, and NFRW.
  8. Public Relations Committee: The Public Relations Chairman is the public information officer for the club.  It is the PR Chairman and her committee who build true rapport and friendship with the news media.  Properly publicized, SRW can expand its impact from the actual audience present to the whole state, and conceivably the nation.  The club newsletter is generated from this committee.

Section 2.  All members of committees must be members in good standing.  Committee members:

  1. Must be members who have paid their dues.
  2. Members must have a copy of the Bylaws
  3. Members must agree to uphold the Bylaws

Section 3.  Chairmen of standing committees shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Committee.

Section 4.  Chairmen of standing committees are members of the Board of Directors and shall serve for a minimum of one (1) year

Section 5.  Special committees may be appointed by the President as needed.

Section 6.  The President may remove any committee appointee for cause, with the approval of the

Executive Committee.


In addition to the Chairmen of the Standing Committees, the President may By laws specify special committees and special appointees of the President.  The term of office shall be at the pleasure of the President.  The committees and special appointees may include:

  1. Special Appointments:
  2. Parliamentarian: The first duty is to advise the president based on experience and knowledge of parliamentary procedure as outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order. The Parliamentarian is to serve on the Bylaws Committee.
  3. Historian: The historian is responsible for keeping an official historical record of all activities. The Historian is to serve as a voting member of the Board of Directors.
  4. Chaplain: The duties of the Chaplain are to give the invocation and, if used, the benediction at the meetings and other events as directed by the President. The Chaplain is to serve as a voting member of the Board of Directors.
  5. Arrangements Coordinator: The duties of the Arrangements Coordinator are to oversee facilities arrangements for the monthly dinner meetings, and other committee meetings as outlined in the Standing Rules.

Special Committee Chairs:

  1. Americanism Chairman: She is responsible for inspiring respect for the American flag and our country.  Traditionally, she leads the Pledge of Allegiance at all regular meetings or asks someone to assume that responsibility.  She is responsible for the proper display of the flag at meetings and at all functions of SRW.
  2. Caring for America Chairman: The Committee institutes community service projects for SRW.  Caring for America is based on the belief that problems can be solved more effectively through the generosity and combined energies of individuals than through dependency on governmental programs.
  3. Hospitality Chairman: Is responsible for arranging the meeting place, the refreshments and the welcoming of new members and guests.
  4. Resolutions Chairman: Is responsible for any resolutions that may be proposed by members for action.  Resolutions are used to express the opinion, wish or resolve of SRW.
  5. Awards Chairman: Is responsible for the club’s participation in the NFRW and NvFRW’s award’s programs.
  6. Auditing Chairman: Is responsible for the Auditing committee whose duty is to ascertain the actual financial status of SRW, to detect and to prevent errors and to make certain standard accounting procedures were followed in the preparation of the financial reports.  An audit will be performed at the close of each fiscal year and a report made to the Board at the February meeting.


Section 1. Composition and Duties of the Board of Directors (Board):

  1. The Board of Directors shall consist of the executive committee, standing committee chairmen and special appointees;
  2. The Board shall meet regularly at the discretion of the President or her designated representative;
  3. The Board may transact any necessary business between SRW meetings, to be ratified by the membership. The Board shall coordinate the work of SRW and make recommendations to the membership when necessary;
  4. In the absence of the chairman of a standing committee, a committee member shall serve as a temporary chairman: and
  5. The Board shall approve any expenditures $300 or more per item that have not been approved in the current year’s budget.

Section 2. Composition and duties of the Executive Committee:

  1. The Executive Committee of SRW shall consist of the elected officers and the immediate past President;
  2. The Executive Committee shall meet only in emergency between board and regular meetings;
  3. The Executive Committee shall approve the President’s appointment of committees and chairmen;
  4. Vote to be taken by method implemented by presiding President, which shall have the force and effect of a vote taken at a meeting.


Section 1.   A Nominating Committee of five (5) members shall be elected by SRW in September.  Committee members may include active past presidents. The Committee shall elect its own chairman. The Parliamentarian will instruct the Committee as to proper procedure and will be available for further advice if required.

Section 2.  The report of the Nominating Committee shall be presented at the October membership meeting and published in the November newsletter. All nominees shall be members in good standing and shall give consent to serve if elected.

Section 3. Elections shall be held at the November membership meeting and additional nominations shall be accepted from the membership.

Section 4.  If there is more than one (1) candidate for an office, elections shall be by ballot. If there is only one (1) candidate for an office, election may be by voice vote or other means. A plurality of votes shall elect.

Section 5.  Installation of officers shall take place at the December membership meeting.

Section 6.   Proxy voting shall not be allowed.


Section 1. Membership Meetings:

  1. The Board shall meet monthly on a day as specified by the President and approved by the Board.
  2. The membership shall meet monthly on a day as specified by the President and approved by the Board and membership.
  3. There shall be eight (8) or more meetings held during the club year.
  4. Special meetings may be called by the President or upon request of eight (8) Board members with one week’s notice. Only the business specified in the call for meeting shall be discussed.
  5. The Annual Meeting shall be in November when new officers are elected.

Section 2. Conventions:

  1. State Biennial Convention: At the State Biennial Convention of the Nevada Federation of Republican Women, SRW shall be entitled to delegates and alternates as prescribed by NvFRW bylaws, and the President or her representative. In the event a delegate is unable to fulfill her obligation, the first elected alternate shall take her place as delegate. Election of delegates shall take place no later than twenty (20) days before the convention, and names sent to the State President as prescribed by NvFRW Bylaws.
  2. National Biennial Convention: If the President is unable to attend, a delegate shall be elected in her place. An alternate shall be elected from the membership.

Section 3. Quorum:

  1. A quorum at a Board of Directors meeting shall consist of one third (1/3) of its members.
  2. A quorum at a Membership meeting shall consist of one quarter (1/4) of the membership.
  3. A quorum at an Executive Committee meeting shall consist of a majority of its members.


Section 1. The fiscal year shall be from January 1 through December 31.

Section 2.  Dues:

  1. The dues of SRW as determined by the Board shall be payable at the beginning of each fiscal year and are delinquent on February 1.
  2. SRW will not prorate dues, except that any new member joining between August 15 and December 31 of any year will receive SRW dues for the remainder of that year as well as the full year following.
  3. The Membership Chair shall notify members of delinquencies and request prompt payment in order to remain a member in good standing.
  4. Additional fees may be assessed to each member as determined by a 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors and approval by the membership.

Section 3. The payment of SRW dues includes membership in the NvFRW and NFRW Federations.

Section 4. Dues as set forth in the NvFRW shall be paid to the State Treasurer on a quarterly basis.  The first payment shall be for not less than ten (10) members and shall include the National service charge.

Section 5. Dues payments to the NvFRW shall be accompanied by the current membership roster. A copy shall be sent to the State President, State Treasurer, and State Recording Secretary.  All rosters shall contain names, addresses, telephone numbers and officers.

Section 6. Funds may be used to support SRW, support community service projects, send the President and delegates to NvFRW and NFRW meetings and to make contributions to NvFRW projects and/or funds.

Section 7.  In order that dues may be properly fixed, the Budget Chair will submit a budget to the Board for approval at the February meeting.

Section 8. The Membership Chair shall notify members of delinquencies and request prompt payment in order to remain a member in good standing.

Section 9.  Additional fees may be assessed to each member as determined by a two-thirds vote of the Board and majority membership approval.


These Bylaws may be amended by a two thirds (2/3) vote, of those present, at any regular membership meeting, or a special meeting called for that purpose, providing the proposed amendment(s) has been read to the membership or published at least thirty (30) days prior to voting.


The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order newly Revised shall govern the club in all cases which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the local unit may adopt.


This local club may be dissolved by a two-thirds vote at any meeting of the local club, provided that notice of the dissolution has been submitted in writing at the previous meeting and has been sent by mail and/or email to all members of the local club.  In the event of dissolution, the Board of Directors shall, after payment of all liabilities of the local club, distribute any remaining assets to the state federation.  No funds shall inure to the benefit of any member.

Date of Voter Approval: _August 10, 2016____________

Cher Daniels, President

____________, Secretary


  1. Annual dues for regular members and associate members’ dues shall be determined by the Board.
  2. The Executive Board shall be responsible for a gift to be presented to the outgoing President. The price shall not exceed $75.00.
  3. Any Community Service expenditure above $200.00 shall be voted on by the general membership.
  4. If contingency funds permit, the President shall receive $25.00 per month for expenses other than budgeted items.
  5. SRW meetings will be held every month on a day recommended by the President and approved by the Board and membership.

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