jody-rushton-nfrw-presidentToday’s national political climate seems to have been stretched to the very limit of civility. It infuriates me that a sitting member of Congress would encourage the banning of members of the Trump administration from public places, that a restaurant would refuse to serve our Press Secretary and her family because of her political affiliation. Have we forgotten all forms of civility? Have we lost all common courtesy toward others, respecting even those from differing political cultures?

Republican women from every corner of this land must stand up and speak with one voice. We are united together, working to achieve our goals because of our love for our country and all its people. We are not the enemy; the enemies are those who want us silenced. Together we must work to pull all Republicans in the same direction,united in our desire to stand firm and return this country to a more productive path.

For the love of God and this great country, we must remember the common goal of NFRW – to elect Republicans. And for the love of this organization, I ask you to bond together even more closely as clubs, as states, and with NFRW. We must tighten the ship, but at the same time let our common voices be heard loud and clear. Working together as a team, with tanks and gratitude for all that has been given to us, we will never be silenced.


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